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What does Red Dragonfly Do?

We make it easy for you to connect with the best independent travel companies and experts in the UK.

Each company is vetted by us, so you can feel sure you'll be contacting a company with sound finances, financial protection, a strong track record and excellent reputation.

We don't sell holidays, we make connections - with companies & people.

How do I Book a Holiday?

We don't sell holidays. We use our experience and contacts to connect you with the right people for your needs.

You can email us or call us about your holiday. We each have over 25 years experience in the travel industry.

You need to let us know once you made your first booking. You'll pay nothing extra, but our partner companies pay us a small commission and we make a contribution to local causes.

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How do You Choose Companies?

We are ardent supporters of Independent Travel Companies in the UK. Many of these businesses are run by the owners, with all the personal service and commitment which comes along with that.


We choose carefully. We don't feature everyone. We don't want to overload you with options, so normally you'll have 3 or so great companies to take a look at. We think that's sensible for you and fair for the companies.

Who is this website meant for?

Our service is for people who love travel and who want to organise an exceptional holiday with an expert company.


We don't feature most of the larger travel companies. Many of them are well known and we're sure you'll be able to find them easily anyway if you want to.


Our service is to help you find those gems in the travel industry - to put you in touch with them as quickly and easily as possible and to give you a headstart with your plans.

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What's with the Red Dragonfly?

We started our project in the middle of the pandemic.

The Dragonfly is a survivor - they've been around for 300 million years. They posses amazing 360 degree vision, have great agility and speed and are expert flyers and hunters.

They are also creatures which go through a rebirth - when they take wings. We chose RED for joy and energy!

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