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Privacy Policy

We will only normally request data from you which is required for us to process your booking and communicate with you. This will usually include information such as your names, passport information, email and postal addresses and contact numbers.


Other information such as dietary requirements or health information may also be required by our suppliers and may be requested where necessary.

We will only normally request passport information where there is a requirement to do so in order to fulfil your holiday. If no passport information is requested by our suppliers, we will not normally require full passport information.

If any further information is required, we will explain the purpose of the request and what the data will be used for.

Your data will normally be requested by the consultant looking after your booking but may also be requested by any of our other staff or those contracted to work on behalf of Red Dragonfly Travel, all of whom will have been briefed on our Privacy Policy.

The information will normally be requested by phone or email. A photocopy of your passports may be required or occasionally other forms of documentation such as insurance certificates or any other kind of documentation required to facilitate or administer your booking.

Any personal data requested is for the purposes of processing your booking and may be communicated with our suppliers such as airlines, hotels, inbound travel partners, car rental companies etc.


This will usually involve sending your names and sometimes other information such as dates of birth/passport information to our overseas partners. We have made every effort to ensure that all our suppliers act in accordance with GDPR.

We never pass on your data to Third Parties other than those required for the organisation of your holiday (hotels etc). We may use your contact details to communicate with you in the future and you may request us to delete any information we have stored at any time.

Your personal information will be stored in our secure booking system, and your names and details of your booking are stored in our accounting system. We never store any card payment details or bank account details.

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