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Anguilla Opens Up - with caution!

Anguilla has announced it is open to visitors from 21 August. You'll have to stay in a private villa though if you're going before 21 October.

The British Caribbean Island of Anguilla is officially open from 21 August, with caveats! You'll need to have 3 COVID tests; one before you leave, one on arrival and one after 10 days.

The Anguilla Tourist Board told us "During this period, visitors can enjoy all the facilities and amenities at their villa. Once a negative result is returned after the second test, guests are then free to explore the island".

You'll also need to register your address details and pre-register before departure with the Anguilla Tourist Board. After 10 days, presuming you have a negative test, you'll be free to explore the island. There's no requirement to wear a mask.

Anguilla is only allowing certain accommodation to open as they must be approved by the island authorities.


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