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Classic Japan Holiday

12 nights from $5,895 pp

  • 3 nights Tokyo

  • 1 night Hakone

  • 2 nights Takayama

  • 2 nights Kanazawa

  • 4 nights Kyoto

Price Includes: Flights from New Zealand, Accommodation, 14-day Japan Rail Passes, Romance Car Rail Journey to Hakone, 2-day Hakone Free Pass, Full Day Tours in Tokyo & Kyoto, Walking Tour in Takayama, Meet & Greet on Arrival and Transfer to Hotel.

This Classic Japan Holiday is a great way to see the best of Japan in a short space of time and includes flights, transfers, rail tickets and accommodation and is a partly-guided trip.

Begin in Tokyo with two full days to discover this captivating city and maybe add on a morning in nearby Nikko. A full day tour is included in Tokyo.

From Tokyo head to Hakone by Romance Car train, armed with a Hakone Free Pass to explore this scenic area of Japan in the shadow of Mount Fuji. Travel by cable-car, walk some trails, soak in a Hot Spring and discover something of Japan outside the main cities.

From Hakone head to the Japanese Alps and the charming town of Takayama where you have 2 nights and a morning walking tour included. Head to the coastal town of Kanazawa, often called 'Little Kyoto'. A full day tour in Kanazawa is included.

From Kanazawa catch the famous Shinkansen Bullet Train to Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan and home to many of Japan's most iconic sights.

Enjoy plenty of time to explore independently. You have a Full Day tour included in Kyoto.

We can suggest additional excursions in Tokyo and Kyoto if you wish to include more guided activities.

Days 1-3: Discover Tokyo

Tokyo is a massive, wealthy, and fascinating metropolis, including a mainland located northwest of Tokyo Bay and two beautiful and subtropical archipelagos, the Izu and Ogasawara Islands.

It encompasses rugged natural scenery, high-tech visions of the future, and glimpses of traditional life. The various districts of this phenomenal city vary wildly in character, from the electronic blare of Akihabara to the magnificent Imperial gardens and shrines of Chiyoda; from the lively youth mecca of Shibuya to the splendid pottery shops and temple markets of Asakusa.

If you don't like what you see, hop on the train and head to the next station, and you will find something entirely different. The city truly has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Days 4-5: Explore Hakone-Mount Fuji

Hakone lies within the borders of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu national park in the Ashigarashimo District of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Travellers come here for the spectacular views of Mount Fuji, for walks to Hakone Shrine on the shore of Lake Ashi, day-trips through the Hakone Open-Air Museum and explorations to Mount Kintoki to view the ruins of old-Japan.

No visit is complete without eating a black egg, hard-boiled in the Great Boiling Valley of Owakudani. Legend has it that these eggs add some extra years to your lifespan.

Days 5-6: Discover Takayama in the Japanese Alps

Uncover the charm and traditions of Takayama. Take an insightful guided walking tour through the old town and market, exploring the special blend of Alpine architecture, historic buildings and incredible customs that make Takayama unique. After all of that walking, refuel with regional specialties washed down with glass of locally-brewed sake. Today's walk will begin at 9:00. Fall in love with charming Takayama on this guided walking tour. Situated high in the mountains, this once-isolated town has retained its own distinctive cultural traits which are best discovered in the old town. Along with a local guide, hit the streets of the old town where Alpine architecture and traditional houses can be found at every turn. Learn about the history of the shops, each one having its own link to the city's history and culture. Browse the different products on offer to learn about the city's traditions. A large part of Takayama's unique heritage is its food. While walking through the town and its market, stop at some of the most popular local shops to sample regional delicacies.

Savour items such as miso, a Japanese paste made from soybeans, salt and rice, Takayama rice dumplings and homemade sweets. Learn how these items are made from locally-grown ingredients and using old family recipes. There is also a chance to taste sake produced in one of the town's breweries. After this insightful - and tasty - walking tour of Takayama, return to the hotel or continue exploring the town independently.

Days 7-8: Delve into Kanazawa

Kanazawa is a delightful city that flourished as a centre for high culture and traditional crafts throughout the Edo Period. It continues to draw visitors with its unique charm, which includes one of the top three landscape gardens in Japan, traditional geisha teahouses, and a well-preserved samurai district.

Alongside a knowledgeable local guide, explore Kanazawa, the castle town that thrived as the centre for culture and the arts in the 17th century.

Start with the pristine Kenroku-en Garden, which is ranked as one of Japan’s top three gardens. The garden is home to the oldest water fountain in the country, a couple of teahouses, and a large villa that used to be the retirement home of one of the richest clans in Kanazawa. Adjacent to the garden is Kanazawa Castle, easily accessed through the Ishikawa-mon Gate.

Lunch will be inside Omicho Market, known throughout Japan for its fresh seafood and fine sushi. The guide will introduce a local restaurant where some fine local cuisine can be sampled.

Head to the Higashi Chaya District, one of the three, well-preserved cha-ya districts in Kanazawa. Cha-ya, which means ‘tea house’ in Japanese, were where geisha used to entertain their guests with music, songs and dances.

Here, find Hakuza, the shop that sells Kanazawa’s specialty – gold leaf products. The tearoom inside the shop is totally covered with gold! Be sure to indulge in one of Kanazawa's specialty products - some gold leaf covered ice cream!

Finally, head across town to the old Samurai district of Kanazawa and visit Nomura House, a restored residence of a high-ranked samurai family. Freshly made green tea can be enjoyed on the second floor while viewing the small but entirely enchanting Japanese garden below.

Days 9-12: Explore Kyoto

Japan’s ‘cultural capital’, Kyoto, is located on Honshu Island within the Kansai region. Filled with awe-inspiring shrines, temples, and Zen gardens, as well as a host of extraordinary modern attractions and numerous things to do, the city offers a plethora of experiences.

First stops include the other-worldly Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shinto shrine; Kiyomizu-Dera, offering a ‘love providing’ ceremony and jaw-dropping views, and Buddhist Tōfuku-Ji, famous for its glorious garden.

It is also entirely possible to visit Kyoto for the sake of food alone; hubs like Nishiki Market provide a dizzying array of culinary adventures.

Culture enthusiasts can attend a traditional tea ceremony; soak up the striking displays at the Kyoto International Manga Museum; or head to Gion, the vibrant downtown district, to visit artisan studios or watch a Kabuki show. Exquisite hikes and natural hot springs await just outside the city.


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All of our holidays are financially protected through our TAANZ and NZTB memberships

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